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How can I write to you?
- You can write to us in Skype / live chat / discord / email or here is a link to all "contacts"

How can I pay for the order?
- Choose the service - add to the cart or write to operator - read the information - make a payment (Payment method: PayPal)

Which payment methods do you have and in what currency?
- The method of payment is PayPal. Currency - American Dollar / Euro

What should i do after i pay the order?
- If you chose a Piloted/account share, you must provide us with your account details (login, password, wow sub name and character-server name), if you chose a self-play, then provide us with your BattleTag and the character's name server

What should i do if i can not find the service that interests me on your website?
- You can use our search option or write us here.

How can I make sure that my account is secure?
- We use a high-quality VPN and always look for new ways to improve our methods of protection." All your information is kept confidential.

Can I play on my account during a boost (piloted/account sharel)?
- Not recommended, but if you have plans in the game, you need to discuss with our operator the time when your account will be free.

What should i do if i want to return the money?
- All cases in which refund is possible you can read in Refund Police.

Do you have discounts and promotions?
- Yes, you can find out about new discounts and promotions on the main page or here: Twitter, etc.

Do you use bots or other banned programs in the game to complete orders?
- No, our boosters are professional players carrying out orders only with their own hands

If I did not like the way my order was completed?
- If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, contact the operator to further resolve the conflict.