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2v2 Arena rating

  • 2v2 Arena rating

Arena rewards: Elite Armor, Titles, Mounts, Achievements and other

❗ Active subscription in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth;
❗ Character level 120;
❗ In case of account sharing, we need only your login and password, we don’t need the answer to your secret question and password to your mail, that makes impossible to steal your account;
❗ In case of account share boost if you have Blizzard Authenticator or Blizzard SMS Protect, please remove it for boost period.

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Elite Armor
Elite Cloak
Elite Tabard
PvP Enchant

WoW PvP Boost 3v3 Arena rating buy and get:

You can get achievements: [Three's Company: 1750], [Three's Company: 2000], [Three's Company: 2200], [Three's Company: 2400], [Three's Company: 2700];

You can get other rewards: Titles (Combatant, Challenger, Rival, Duelist, Gladiator), Armor appearance (Elite appearance Transmog, Gladiator Cloak, Gladiator Tabard, PvP Weapon Enchantment);

During boost you have a chance to receive: Achievements - [Step Into The Arena], [World Wide Winner], [Hot Streak], [Hotter Streak], [Mercilessly Dedicated], [Vengefully Dedicated], [Brutally Dedicated], Items - [Tabard of Brute Force], [Vicious Saddle];
During boost, your character will get: more [Azerite] for Your [Heart of Azeroth], Honor points (Honor level), Gear (loot from chests for Arena victories), Items ([Steel Strongbox], [Champion's Strongbox], [Mark of Honor]);

Part of: [Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 2];

You can select 2 play methods: Pilot (account share) or Self-play. For Pilot Boost our Boosters will use VPN of your country (you can also ask our operators about providing you with a Twitch stream);

Buy a service in the game World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and all resources, items and gold gained during boost will stay on your character!

Easy and fast 3v3 Arena rating with Battle Shop. Get best and unique in-game rewards!

ЕТА: to 1800 - 1-2 days / to 2100 - 1-4 days / to 2400 - 1-6 days.

End of match (ilvl)
Weekly chest (ilvl)
370 ilvl385 ilvl-
380 ilvl395 ilvlElite Appearance - Bracer, Belt
Title - Combatant
390 ilvl400 ilvlElite Appearance - Gloves, Legs, Boots
Title - Challenger
395 ilvl400 ilvlElite Appearance - Helm, Shoulder, Chest
Full Elite Appearance
Title - Rivel
400 ilvl415 ilvlElite Appearance - [Sinister Gladiator's Cloak]
Weapon Enchantment
Title - Duelist

The Elite

2400+405 ilvl415 ilvl
Elite Appearance - [Sinister Gladiator's Tabard]
The Elite Class Titles
2400 + 50 wins405 ilvl415 ilvl
Mount [Sinister Gladiator's Proto-Drake]
Title - Gladiator


Arenas are instanced areas in which teams of players can compete against each other in deathmatch-style PvP. Unlike battlegrounds, the arenas are not based on objectives, but simply your team's ability to obliterate the other team. Two teams of the same faction are allowed to battle each other in the arena.

Arena matches are available in rated mode or skirmish (unrated) mode and can either be 2 versus 2 or 3 versus 3. In rated mode, winning and losing matches will adjust the personal rating and matchmaking rating (MMR) of players accordingly. Match selections are determined based on the average MMR of the team. This works similarly to rated battlegrounds.

Players can queue for arenas through the PvP interface. Skirmish mode allows players to queue by themselves or with their friends and the game will fill the remaining spots. For rated mode, players in a party of the appropriate size (cross-realm groups are supported) may queue for an arena bracket of the same size.

The Ring of Trials arena in Nagrand from above.

Several forms of rating exist for rated arenas. Arenas initiated as War Games do not affect any of your ratings, and are played against the selected opponents regardless of ratings.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a secondary rating that is used to match groups of players against others at about the same skill level. Each player's MMR increases or decreases with each victory or loss, adjusted by the MMR of the opposing team, and can only be seen at the end of each fight. Match selections are determined based on the average MMR of the individual members of the team, i.e. if you have 1600 MMR, you will almost always fight against other teams with around 1600 MMR.

MMR resets each time the player gains a level.
Personal rating
Each character also has its own personal rating(s). A separate personal rating exists for each type of arena (2v2 and 3v3) as well as for rated battlegrounds. Personal ratings are only affected by your own accomplishments, and are adjusted according to your wins and losses against other teams.

If you have a personal rating of 2000 or more you will start being able to receive the elite equipment of the current season.