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Vision of Perfection Essence

  • Vision of Perfection Essence

Azerite Essence farm - Vision of Perfection

 WoW Heart of Azeroth Boost: Azerite Essence Vision of Perfection buy and get:
 Rank 2: Perfectly Timed Differential
 Rank 3: Perfection-Enhancing Gearbox
 Rank 4: Mecha-Perfection Turbo

 Major Power:
Rank 2: Your spells and abilities have a chance to activate (-) for 35% of its base duration.
Rank 3: Your spells and abilities have a chance to activate (-) for 35% of its base duration. When the Vision of Perfection activates, you and up to 2 other nearby allies gain 107 Haste for 10 sec.

 Minor Power:
Rank 2: Reduces the cooldown of (-) by (value changes based on class)%. When you activate (-), immediately heal for 5% of maximum health.
Rank 3: Reduces the cooldown of (-) by (value changes based on class)% and increases your Versatility by 46. When you activate (-), immediately heal for 5% of maximum health.

 Drop Location: Operation: Mechagon

Rank 1: Defeat King Mechagon in Operation: Mechagon.
Rank 2: Obtain the [Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential] from King Mechagon, upload the Blueprint to Pascal-K1N6, then craft [Perfectly Timed Differential].
Rank 3: Combine 4 [Progression Sprocket] from King Mechagon.
Rank 4: Complete the achievement [Hertz Locker].

NameTypeRank 2: RareRank 3: EpicRank 4: Legendary
Aegis of the Deep

Enduring Bulwark of the Depths
Regenerating Barrier of the Depths
Resplendent Bastion of the Depths
Anima of Life and Death

Fetish of the Deep Dungeons
Fetish of the Hidden Labyrinths
Fetish of the Gilded Catacombs
Artifice of Time

Azerite-Infused Timequartz
Azerite-Fueled Timequartz
Unburdened Azerite Timequartz
Azeroth's Undying Gift
Recrystallizing Azerite Formation
Tempered Azerite Formation
Dazzling Azerite Formation
Blood of the Enemy

Agitated Blood of the Dominated
Churning Blood of the Conquered
Animated Blood of the Decimated
Condensed Life-Force

Pulsing Elemental Heart
Resonating Elemental Heart
Sparkling Elemental Heart
Conflict and Strife

Etched Bone Trophy of the Vanquished
Rib-Bone Choker of Dominance
Polished Skull Trophy
Essence of the Focusing Iris

Magnifying Lens of the Focusing Iris
Stabilizing Lens of the Focusing Iris
Biconcavic Lens of the Focusing Iris
Life-Binder's Invocation

Replicating Seed of Abundance
Lingering Seed of Renewal
Seed of Vibrant Blooms
Memory of Lucid Dreams

Pearl of Manifest Ambitions
Pearl of Perspicuous Intentions
Pearl of Luminous Designs
Nullification Dynamo

Null Force Cooling Unit
Null Force Nullifier
Null Force Visualizer
Purification Protocol

Targeted Purification Protocols
Enhanced Purification Protocols
Ultimate Purification Protocols
Ripple in Space

Enduring Battlefield Memento
Stalwart Battlefield Memento
Glinting Battlefield Memento
Sphere of Suppression

Sphere of Unrestrained Fury
Sphere of Leeched Mobility
Sphere of Incandescent Neutralization
The Crucible of Flame

Dreamglow Dragonscale
Tempered Scale of the Scarlet Broodmother
Charged Scale of the Blue Aspect
The Ever-Rising Tide

Codex of the Never-Ending Tides
Tome of the Quickening Tides
Vellum of Illuminating Tides
The Unbound Force

Sharpened Azerite Slivershards
Polarized Azerite Slivershards
Incandescent Azerite Slivershards
The Well of Existence

Enhanced Existence Capacitor
Calibrated Existence Gauge
Existence Vibrancy Display
Vision of Perfection

Perfectly Timed Differential
Perfection-Enhancing Gearbox
Mecha-Perfection Turbo
Vitality Conduit

Mesh of Expanding Vitality
Grid of Bursting Vitality
Web of Unbridled Vitality
Worldvein Resonance

Stalwart Worldvein
Fluctuating Worldvein
Brilliant Worldvein


Azerite Essence - In Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara, a new type of talent-like abilities has been added, which is called Essences. This allows players to gain ability/passive spells based on which Essences you placed directly into your Heart of Azeroth. Players will have to unlock multiple slots, in which to place the Essences. By leveling up the neck there are also smaller nodes which grant a stamina increase.

What are Essences? - Essences are new items that drop from various activities in Battle for Azeroth.
Essences have two effects on them, one major and one minor power.
The Major power will only be activated if the Essence is placed in the central Major slot.
The Minor power will be activated if the Essence is placed in any Minor slot or the central Major slot.
Essence cannot be placed in multiple slots.

Essence Ranks - Each essence has four qualities:
Rank 1: Uncommon Quality
Rank 2: Rare Quality
Rank 3: Epic Quality
Rank 4: Legendary Quality (Only visual effects)

Unlocking Essence System - Essences system are unlocked during the Nazjatar introduction quest. During the introduction quests, Magni reaches us to share news about our Heart of Azeroth. From there, you will have 9 quests to unlock the Essence Forge.

Our service provides two methods for performing order Pilot and Self-Play:

Pilot method - this option is for those who do not have time to play on their own. Our boosters will do everything instead of you, by playing on your account (using programs that ensure the security of your account) while you are at work, with your family or doing your favorite work outside of the game.

Selfplay method - this option is for those who want to personally participate in the process side by side with experienced players and get a unique gaming experience. (This method is the safest and recommended).

❗ Character level 120;
❗ Before getting essences rank 4 required to get rank 3;
❗ In case of account sharing, we need only your login and password, we don’t need the answer to your secret question and password to your mail, that makes impossible to steal your account;
❗ In case of account share boost if you have Blizzard Authenticator or Blizzard SMS Protect, please remove it for boost period.

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