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Leveling - leveling your character up to the maximum level. It is possible to level from the first level (for new characters), from 20 (for allied races) or for heroic classes such as DK, which start from 55 level and DH which come with 98 level.

Allied Races - do you wanna to see Azeroth through the eyes of unique race? Allied races are new and beautiful models for characters with own racial ability, the gameplay with them will allow you to plunge deeper into history, see the World of Warcraft from the other side and rush into battle with new forces and knowledge! New races are not available to you, if you didn’t finish some conditions (this is exactly what the professional team of our service quickly can provide to you), besides, you will start playing not at level 1, but at level 20!

Pet leveling - Leveling for your non-combat pet to 25 level. Companions (a.k.a. non-combat pets, vanity pets, battle pets, mini-pets or small pets) are small creatures (or mechanical replicas thereof) that follow your player character around. Several of these companions have their own characteristic behaviors. Companions do not affect combat in any way, and are generally of no direct benefit to your character. Companions can be inspected and summoned through the Pet Journal.

Our service provides two methods for performing order Pilot and Self-Play:

Pilot method - this option is for those who do not have time to play on their own. Our boosters will do everything instead of you, by playing on your account (using programs that ensure the security of your account) while you are at work, with your family or doing your favorite work outside of the game.

Selfplay method - this option is for those who want to personally participate in the process side by side with experienced players and get a unique gaming experience. (This method is the safest and recommended).