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Battle of Dazar'alor raid boost


Battle of Dazar’alor - You can buy a slot in the raid of any difficulty (normal, heroic or mythic) for your character and defeat all bosses while receiving high ilvl gear, rewards and achievements! Also, our team can provides option to add “Raid Traders”. Traders - players with the same type of armor as your character. They will give you gear, that they obtained during the raid run.
Dazar'alor Loot: 370ilvl (LFR), 385ilvl (Normal), 400ilvl (Heroic), 415ilvl (Mythic)
(Also referred to as Siege of Zuldazar, Battle of Zuldazar and Assault on Zuldazar) is a raid in Battle for Azeroth, introduced in Patch 8.1.0: Tides of Vengeance. The Alliance assault the city of Dazar'alor, while the Horde defend it. There are faction specific raid entrances located in Zanchul and Boralus.
Alliance start at the docks and climb the pyramid, eventually fighting King Rastakhan. The Horde will defend the city, starting outside on the far north of the pyramid. They fight towards Rastakhan, which will be the middle of the raid for them. They then fight Alliance forces down towards harbor, ending with Alliance commanders and Jaina on the high seas. During the raid you speak to an NPC to play from the other faction's perspective in the middle or final act.
The order of the bosses are the same for Alliance and Horde except for the 2nd and 3rd.
1st Boss - Champion of the Light
Frida Ironbellows
Ra'wani Kanae
2nd Boss -
Grong, the Jungle Lord
Jadefire Masters - Grimfang and Firecaller
3rd Boss -
Jadefire Masters - Flamefist and the Illuminated
Grong the Revenant
Alliance Flashback (Horde become Alliance with Alliance Racials)
4th Boss - Opulence Treasure Guardian
5th Boss - Conclave of the Chosen
6th Boss - King Rastakhan
Horde Flashback (Alliance become Horde with Horde Racials)
7th Boss - High Tinker Mekkatorque
8th Boss - Stormwall Blockade
9th Boss - Jaina Proudmoore
Battle Pets and Mounts from Dazar’alor (Special Rewards):
Spawn of Krag'wa: Mythic-only drop from Conclave of the Chosen. A toad with Krag'wa's bloodline has an average expectancy to leap over seven million times during its lifetime.
Thunder Lizard Runt: Drop from Conclave of the Chosen. The large plates on the back of this lizard are made of a mysterious but highly conductive material, making it ideal to charge up and expel massive amounts of electricity.
Child of Pa'ku: Drop from Conclave of the Chosen. There is a story told to some children that all winged creatures were unable to fly until Pa'ku provided enough wind to lift them off of the ground.
Enchanted Tiki Mask: The recipe Formula: Enchanted Tiki Mask drops for Enchanters from the King Rastakhan encounter. The Zandalari are masters of magic and communications with the spirits, and they often imbued items with powers to strengthen their bonds with the spirit world.
Glacial Tidestorm Though she commands a variety of magical powers, Jaina has always been most proficient at summoning powerful elementals of water and ice. Drop: Jaina Proudmoore (Mythic).
Dazar'alor Windreaver Soaring high above the Battle of Dazar'alor, the Armored Skyterror are drawn to the most cunning of victors. Achievement: Glory of the Dazar'alor Raider.
G.M.O.D. Garishly sporting extreme amounts of goblin flair, Gallywix commissioned his gilded Mech of Death to one up Mekkatorque in combat and more importantly in style. Drop: High Tinker Mekkatorque.

Our service provides two methods for performing order Pilot and Self-Play:

Pilot method - this option is for those who do not have time to play on their own. Our boosters will do everything instead of you, by playing on your account (using programs that ensure the security of your account) while you are at work, with your family or doing your favorite work outside of the game.

Selfplay method - this option is for those who want to personally participate in the process side by side with experienced players and get a unique gaming experience. (This method is the safest and recommended).

Jaina kill - Winning fight versus final boss Lady Jaina Proudmoore in “Battle for Dazar'alor” raid, in heroic mode or higher, you will receive a unique achievement and title.

Glory of the Dazar’alor Raider - After completing the list of achievements in “Battle of Dazar'alor“ raid, you will receive a mount - Dazar'alor Windreaver.

Dazar’alor full gear - If you want to get a cool looking transmog from a raid or increase your ilvl, than our team will help to gear up your character in a powerful equipments.